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michelle_lynn_greyfeather's Journal

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Created on 2016-02-11 04:54:46 (#407), last updated 2016-02-11 (118 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Aug 8
Location:York, Pennsylvania, United States
I am a 70 year old Bi Gender individual. My Bi Genderism is probably a little different then a lot of those here in this forum and journal. Like most of you I have two genders within my brain and person. I was also born with ovaries and a uterus in which my mother had removed when I was only 3. The difference in my Bi Gender experience and life is that my genders switch back and forth uncontrollably from male brain gender to female brain gender and back at any point in time ... back and forth back and forth. Sometimes my Genders stay switched for minutes, day, months or years. When my genders switch they are dominate while I remain in either gender state. When my gender switched to Female brain gender I remain in female brain gender for several years being diagnosed as a male to female Transsexual. I remained in female brain gender for 4 years without switching back to male gender. This happened several times during my life. When I was in Female Brain gender I wanted to transition, have my voice box scraped to achieve a female voice, have libo suction to transfer my body fat to form a more feminine body, to take hormones, have breast implants but I could not afford it ... and in a way that was a blessing from the lord. My Gender switched back to male gender after about 4 years of being in female gender and if I had transitioned I may not be here today typing this. Can you imagine how hard and difficult and debilitating it would have been to live as a heterosexual male if I had been able to transition. I do not think I could have lived that way in a dominate male gender.

I wrote a short story about my growing up Bi Gender. If you like you can read it here in this Bi Gender Web Site I am building ... Here is the link
.... .... I am the founder of Renaissance of South Eastern Pennsylvania also known as ROSE ... here is my web site ... ... The membership of Rose is large but not to large. We meet twice a month. I have chapters in York, Pa and Lancaster Pa and a sub chapter in Mountville Pa and expanding. I have studied the Transgender spectrum since the year 2000 helping hundred of Transgender people. Now beginning to help Bi Gender people to understand Bi Gender. There are variations of Bi Gender from a form of Gender fluid to Gender Brain switching with no control of the gender switch.

In March I am doing a seminar on Bi Gender with Dr. Laura Case. Her and Professor V.C. Ramachanran did the research on Bi Genderism around the year 1999. They called it then Alternating Gender Incongruity. Dr Case now calls it Alternating Gender. The seminar is in Harrisburg, Pa at the Transgender Keystone Conference. Here is the link to the Keystone Conference .... .... My seminar along with Dr. Case is on Saturday, March 12. Look for it in the Saturday schedule.

I am joining this because I want to let it be known about the uncontrolled Gender switching. I fear there are Transsexuals who are Bi Gender and have been in Female Brain gender for several years and believing they are Transsexual and wanting to Transition which could be deadly for them when they switch back to dominate male brain gender. I fear this has already happened to some Transsexuals who have switched and were actually Bi Gender. I know for a fact this can happen because I have experienced this first hand in my life several times and still continue to switch genders tothis day.

I give Brin much praise for creating this web site and putting all the time she has in it.

Michelle Lynn GreyFeather

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